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  1. Old Dogs. New Tricks.

    I have been a Windows user for over twenty years. I have used Linux on the desktop for around ten years. My primary work machines have run Linux for around four years. I never really used Macs. I have tried in the past, but it just never really worked out. OS X looks good on…

  2. A random thought

    I might be a computer programmer, but I’m no math whiz. As soon as I hear about a train leaving Chicago at 60MPH and another leaving Detroit at 50MPH, my eyes gloss over.

  3. I CAN use computer. Can you? →

    There’s no shame in not being able to use a computer. There is plenty of shame in not being aware that you can’t.

  4. Something I agree with →

    Although getting rid of 16:9 laptops entirely is a bit much, I would really like to see 4:3 laptops available again. Let the marketplace decide! For TV’s, 16:9 is great. For computing devices (especially laptops and tablets) I loathe it.

  5. I’m quite backed up

    I have been a firm believer in redundant computer hardware for years. I have my important data on RAID 1 (which is two mirrored drives so that if one fails, there is another drive with intact data). It’s a bit expensive, since you pay twice for storage, but after some close calls, I have realized…

  6. New Keyboard – gotta do it in person

    As someone who sits in front of a computer for roughly ten hours a day, the way I physically interface with that computer is very important. Keyboard are a major part of that, and I have always been pretty pick about mine. For at least the last decade, I have used some version of Microsoft’s…