Santa Fe, NM – big fan!

Sheri and I just got back from spending a few days in Santa Fe, NM. It’s a great, quirky place to visit, and absolutely lovely in the early fall.

There were many memorable things, including a great farmers market (lots of photos coming) a visit to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, lots of great food, and a good solid road trip in the Flying Brick.

Even the restroom graffiti is intelligent and humorous:


Definitely my kind of place. We’ll have to return soon.

And a large Pepsi, please

I’m in the office working on the computer. Sheri is in the living room watching some sort of music awards thing. (I suspect it’s morbid curiosity rather than caring about who wins what.) I can hear some of the songs, and they sound like wounded animals whining about something or other with a drum track.

Anyway, there’s an artist named Ariana Grande. Sheri asked (facetiously I presume) if I had heard of her. I said, “nope”. Sheri’s reply was that “Ariana Grande” sounds like a burrito you’d order at Taco Bell.

Sounds plausible and probably sounds better than it tastes; or is that tastes better than it sounds?


We have a lively office culture. We joke. We kid. It’s fun. And one of my fellow employees, who acts the part of office clown was insisting that he was the source of much inspiration.

I pointed out to him that he was inspiring in the same way that a bran muffin is inspiring.

His reply, “Thanks for making the obvious poop joke.”

I couldn’t leave that alone. “And therein lies the difference. My poop joke was subtle and well-crafted.”

And we went back and forth for a while until the whole thing just kind of petered out.


I am tired tonight. I was tired yesterday, hence re-tired. I’m not sick. Just tired. And not tired of anything or anyone. Just weary. Worn down. Non-energetic.

I wanted to write something interesting for my blog. Something pithy and insightful. But it just isn’t happening.

So I think I’ll call it a day, and head to bed. G’nite, y’all. Sleep well. Here’s to an energetic and happy tomorrow.