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Updated April 7, 1998 - no more updates planned

Welcome to my Monopoly® Site. If you've visited before, you might have seen that I haven't updated it in nearly two years. I also have not been buying any games. For a variety of reasons, I've basically stopped collecting games. However, I feel that this site is still a resource for a fun game with a lot of sometimes contentious history, so I'll keep it up as long as I have a domain and a web site. If you have any questions (like values of games) please take a look at the FAQ's page before sending me email asking about the value or age of your game.

After much reflection into what the collection was, is, and will be, I've decided that it has become an investment. I'm now engaged and plan to buy a house in the near future. I can't justify having these games around, so I'm selling the entire collection. If you are seriously interested in the whole collection, or a major part of it (we're talking a minimum of a several-thousand-dollar investment), please let me know.

With that said, take a look around. The "property" cards at the top and left are the navigational links; use them to get around. They're a little bit different on each page, so not every page is accessible from every other page.

Visit the updates page to see what's new. It will show some of my updates, but they've been almost nonexistent since late 1998.


I first started collecting different Monopoly® game sets approximately 1980, when I received the "family" Monopoly® game set that my great-grandfather had. It was an original Parker Brothers "1935" set (actual vintage around 1940) in near mint condition. Unfortunately, I had no idea what it was worth and played it nearly to death, losing pieces, property cards, and money along the way.

Monopoly Picture from Chris Mospaw's Monopoly® and game collection When the family dog snacked on the box, the board, and most of the remaining pieces, I nearly threw it out. But then I had an idea to paste it up like a game in progress. The idea was great, and it looked really cool. (Not to mention, it saved an old Monopoly® game from the trash heap.) But then I had to replace the set...

...and they had just come out with those great 50th Anniversary "1935 Commemorative Monopoly®" sets in the metal boxes, which I just had to have. And that's where the collection started.

Another Monopoly® Picture from Chris Mospaw's Monopoly® and game collection While in my teens, I played nearly every day with my best buddy, Jay (who also sports a very impressive collection). I guess at some point it became a minor obsession (and a bit of a competition between Jay and me) to get different and unusual sets. My collection won't be growing any longer, but it sure has been fun.

Yet another Monopoly® Picture from Chris Mospaw's Monopoly® and game collection This site was, and will remain, dedicated to the other Monopoly® collectors and enthusiasts out there who are looking for a decent place on the Internet to find out about Monopoly®. Although I won't ever have my entire collection posted, I do have quite a few on the pictures pages.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my Monopoly® and game collection.

-- Chris Mospaw's Signature

PS: I guess it goes without saying that this is an "unofficial" Monopoly® site, neither endorsed, nor supported, nor sanctioned by Parker Brothers, the copyright holder for Monopoly® and related intellectual properties. All logos, images, and copyrighted are used without the express permission of Parker Brothers. All items under copyright are copyright by their respective owners, and no association between Chris Mospaw and those copyright holders should be implied by their representation here.

In other words, all the stuff that they can sue me over is still their property. I just took the pictures! I gotta play CYA. So there!

The MONOPOLY® trademark and its logo, the distinctive design of the game board, each of the distinctive element of the board including the four corner squares, and the playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc., for its real estate trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 1936, 1998 Hasbro, Rhode Island, U.S.A. Chris Mospaw, or anyone related with this site is not related to Hasbro or Parker Brothers. All other items, including content and the basic layout and design of this site are © 1997, 1998, 1999 Chris Mospaw.