Patent Pending Monopoly Game from 1935

Sorry about the funky layout (especially for Netscape Navigator users), but I wanted to get the descriptions fairly close to the pictures...
Here's a picture of the entire game

Overall, the game is in good shape, with some noticeable edge wear on the box top and some soiling. The pictures on this page tend to show defects and problems that look more severe than they really are because I had to sharpen them in Photoshop after transferring them form my digital camera.

The board is in good shape, with some corner wear and minor edge wear. The label is intact, but does have some water stains. Again, I have not attempted any cleaning of this game. The playing surface is in good shape, with some scratches near the "Chance" and "Community Chest" card pile areas. There is also some minor staining in various places. The paper on the crease is split, but not torn or separated. Note that the board has the $300 income tax and no prices under the properties.

Picture of the board and (poor) close-up of patent pending indication.

The game contains the following equipment:

  • Box
  • Board
  • 11 Hotels (1 missing)
  • 32 Houses
  • 50 - $1 bills
  • 40 - $5 bills
  • 55 - $10 bills
  • 25 - $20 bills
  • 25 - $50 bills
  • 25 - $100 bills
  • 4 - $500 bills
  • 16 - Chance cards
  • 16 - Community Chance cards
  • 2 dice
  • 4 playing tokens - hat, thimble, iron, shoe
  • 27 property cards - Oriental missing
  • Parker Brothers games pamphlet
  • Rules are missing

Close-up of the money and two property cards, one showing the unprinted backs.

The money is in good shape, and most bills have no marks or folds. A few are marked, folded or slightly torn. The property cards are in very good shape, with the Baltic Avenue card showing some wear, and a few minor stains and folds on other cards. The Chance and Community Chance cards are in good shape as well, with a few having folds and minor stains. There are two box inserts, both of which need repair. The purple on is collapsed and could be taped back up.