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Links to Other Monopoly® Sites

[ Monopoly® - Unlce Pennybags with 2 babies ] I've promised a bunch of people links to their Monopoly® and related sites, and here's the page with the links. This page will no longer be updated.

Anti-Monopoly by Ralph Anspach
From the site's home page: "The Anti-Monopoly board game was invented by Ralph Anspach back in 1973. ... It also became the target of very nasty, expensive and long lawsuit. ... It was during the preparation for the lawsuit that Ralph uncovered the lie about where Monopoly® came from and who invented it. The truth is better than fiction."
A must-see site that gives an entirely different account of where our favorite board game came from.
Albert C. Veldhuis' Monopoly® Catalog
This site is in Dutch and English, and aims to catalog every variation of Monopoly® ever made world-wide, including the "unauthorized" editions. Look around - there are a pictures of some really rare games.
Downloadable FREEWARE Monopoly-Game
If you're on a budget and still need to play a Monopoly game with your computer, this is the way to go -- it's FREE!

Other Monopoly® Collectors

David's Monopoly® page - a nice site, with a listing of David's collection of games and related items.
Cafe Wilhelmina Jongens Monopoly® En Bier Club - I don't speak Dutch, but there sure are a lot of pictures!
Harold Balde's collection listing - A listing of some of the items in Harold's collection
Probability and Statistics in Monopoly® - A fascinating look at the probabilities of landing on the various squares in the game of Monopoly®, as well as return on investment, and other information useful in plotting your strategy.

[ Monopoly® and Game Collection of Chris Mospaw ]

The collection showcased on this site has been sold.

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