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Monopoly® FAQ's

First off, I want to thank you very much for visiting my Monopoly® pages. I get several great emails each day on the site, and I appreciate them even if I don't respond.

Unfortunately, much of my email also asks me to either date a game, send software, or give a game's approximate value. I cannot respond to these email requests any more, but I have written this page to answer some of the basic questions about Monopoly® and pages giving information on how to value a set or find out its approximate age. I hope this information will provide you with the information you need.

I am no longer buying games, so please so not email me about games or items for sale. If you want to find out the value of an item, I'd recommend searching eBay or Google.

If you have an older Monopoly game, even if you don't want to sell it, please let Richard Learn know about it, so that he can track it for the book he is writing. Find out more on this page.

Now, onto the questions!

How much is my game worth?
Monopoly® and related games are worth anywhere from $1 to $75,000 or more. I am preparing a small pricing guide (which will be available soon) that lists most common games, some uncommon ones, and approximately what they are worth. Please do NOT write me asking how much your game is worth.
When was my game made?
Getting the exact age of your Monopoly® game is somewhat of a black art. There were literally hundreds of variations made over the years. I am creating a guide (which will be available soon) to assist you in dating the game. Please do not write me asking me to date your game.
Where can I get the computer version of Monopoly®?
Information about the commercial CD-ROM version of Monopoly® is available at The game itself is available from several retail outlets on and off the Internet. The eBay auction site also has frequent listings for the CD-ROM version of Monopoly for around $15-$20. (Just search for "Monopoly")
As far as I know there is no licensed shareware or freeware version of Monopoly available. Since the only version I am aware of is commercial software, and I do not pirate software, please do not ask me to send you a copy of it. I will ignore any and all requests to send Monopoly® software, including a non-commercial version.
What equipment should my game have?
Monopoly® sets actually had differing amounts and types of equipment depending on the particular game, its age, and if it was a special edition or not. ALL Monopoly® games should have at least:
  • A board
  • A box (whether it's separate or holds the board)
  • Playing tokens (older games came with 7 or 8, either wood or metal. Newer games come with 10. Special editions may have had more)
  • 2 dice (either plastic or ivory-type, sometimes wood). SOME World War II games didn't have dice, but paper spinners. These games are very rare.
  • 32 houses (all games should have AT LEAST 32 houses). Some games may have included more than 32 houses, with the extras to be used as spares if one gets lost.
  • 12 hotels (all games should have AT LEAST 12 hotels). Some games may have included more than 12 houses, with the extras to be used as spares if one gets lost.
  • 16 Chance Cards
  • 16 Community Chest Cards
  • A title deed for each property for sale (28 total)
  • $15,140 in money. Older sets may have had less money (Patent Pending games in particular), and some newer sets and special or anniversary sets came with a double supply of money ($30,280). The breakdown of how many of each bill are included has changed over the years, and changed recently. If you're not sure, just count the money. If it's $15,140 or a multiple of this number, you're in good shape.
  • AT LEAST one rules sheet. (Most older games seem to have come with 2, and a separate sheet for listing the rules for a short game.)
That equipment comprises a basic Monopoly® game. If you have an anniversary or special edition, you may still need other equipment to complete the game. Some games came with a wheel to hold properties, removable banking trays, special tokens unique to that edition, and more.
Where can I buy Monopoly® games and items?
I haven't purchased a collectible game in a long time. However, look on these pages for my upcoming Monopoly blog, where I will have links.
There is also an online auction, eBay which usually has around 50 to 100 Monopoly games and items for sale. Just go to their search page and look for "Monopoly". A WORD OF WARNING: Make sure you know what you are biding for. There is a lot of quality stuff on eBay, but there is also some junk, and I've seen prices go through the roof for items that are commonly available elsewhere for MUCH less money.
What are the official Monopoly® rules?
The rules for Monopoly® haven't changed for over 60 years. However, most people only think they know the "official" rules. Please read the Official Monopoly® Rules page for more information. There are also links on that page to pages listing some of the more commonly missed or misinterpreted rules.
Is there any difference between the "Street Repairs" card in Community Chest and the "General Repairs" card in Chance?
Essentially, no. Both cards ask you to do the same thing, just in slightly differing amounts. You are to pay based on the number of houses and hotels you (and only you) own at the time of drawing the card. If you don't own any, you don't have to pay anything. If you do, add up the total number of houses and hotels from you own -- from every side of the board -- and pay the appropriate amount. Also, if you do not have the cash to pay, and you sell houses and hotels to the bank to pay the bill, you STILL have to pay the full fee, even though you sold the houses or hotels your paying on. Nice, huh?
I just landed on GO. Do I get $200 or $400 salary?
The official rules are pretty clear on this one. You get $200 salary for passing GO (unless you;re on your way to jail). There is no specific bonus for landing on the GO space, so you don't collect an extra $200.
However, some house rules do allow this bonus. The extra $200 for landing on GO is never used in tournament play.
What's the bonus for landing on Free Parking?
Again, the official rules are pretty clear. Free Parking is just that -- a space that lets you take a break from rents, collections, etc. No fees or bonuses are related to Free Parking.
However, some house rules do for different Free Parking bonuses, such as $500, or the receipts from other penalties, such as Jail and Luxury Tax. Although fun, these bonuses tend to prolong the game rather than shorten it. Free Parking bonuses are never used in tournament play.

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