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Monopoly® Collection Pictures

Jay's Collection
While I was in Atalantic City conducting a buying spree, I also stopped by to visit my buddy Jay in Philly. While I was there, I snapped a few pictures of his great collection, which is attratviely displayed in some really great display cases available from IKEA.

[ Thumbnail of Jay's Wall ]
There are a bunch of pictures, including close-ups of everything in the displays.

The hardest part about maintaining a collection like this one is keeping track of it. I have acquired the bulk of it in the last few months, so keeping up with the task of documenting it has been very difficult. Each thumbnail on the other pictures pages will take you to a larger view of that picture. Eventually I hope to catalog the entire collection.

However, I have managed to get a few pictures of the collection. The "old" pictures are the first pictures I took of my collection, around November, 1997.

The "new" pictures were taken of the collection in January, 1998, and aren't as pretty as the "old" pictures, but should show you how the collection has been growing. There are also a few captions describing the games pictured.

Since there seems to be some confusion as to what a real game produced in 1935 looks like. Some mistakenly date games of a later vintage as "real" 1935 games based solely on the copyright date. Games from 1935 are very similar to later games, but there are important differences. (There are also a few different variations [ Picture of Chris Mospaw in Atlantic City ] of games printed in 1935...) The page was originally made to send to someone interested in purchasing the game.

A few of you have asked me to post a photo of myself on the web site, so here goes. This one is of me in front of the Atlantic City Convention Center during the Atlantique City Antique and Collectibles show. Click on it for a larger view. I'm wearing the Monopoly® Money tie, but it's flapping in the wind!

[ Monopoly® and Game Collection of Chris Mospaw ]

The collection showcased on this site has been sold.

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