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Monopoly® Book Information

[ Picture of Monopoly iron token ] You Can Help!

Mr. Learn and a friend of his just visited my home and we spent a full 8 hours cataloging and documenting most of the older Monopoly® games in my collection. Please read this and respond to him if you have anything that's listed. He's a super person and will take the time to listen to what you have. It's a great project, so please help!

- Chris

From Richard Learn:

I am in the process of writing a book on Monopoly and would like information on the game equipment in the following older sets: [ Picture of the Monopoly rider and horse token ]

  • 1933/34 Darrow sets (or ANY pre-Parker Brothers set)
  • Trademark sets
  • Patent Pending sets
  • Single patent number sets with 1,509,312 Patent Number.
  • W.W.II sets with special tokens, inserts, etc.
  • Sets with rare Tokens, or cards issued before 1970 (Bakelite tokens, airplane tokens, lantern tokens etc, set with transitional graphics or special pieces or cards)
  • Anything that you have that is unusual!

I am interested in what type of money, cards, tokens, properties, houses, hotels, board, etc each has and how much of each item there are in each set. I am attempting to track every variation of each of the tokens (wood, metal, etc.) as well as the different graphics as they appeared on the Chance and Community Chest cards and the property deeds.

[ Monopoly Hat Token ] I am also interested in the ads for MONOPOLY game sets, as well as the promotional brochures contained with the games. That tell what was contained in each type of set.

If you have one of the above sets and would like to help me in my research please contact me at:

or feel free to write or call the "old fashioned way":
    [ Picture of the Monopoly Ship Token ] Richard Learn
    154 Kendale Drive
    Safety Harbor FL 34695
Please feel free to send me your phone number so I can call you and talk to you about what you have.

[ Monopoly® and Game Collection of Chris Mospaw ]

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