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November 11, 2000 Update
The time has come to let development on this site. I've decided to sell my collection to finance a house. If you would be interested in at least a major portion of my collection (or the entire collection itself) let me know. I'm looking for a cash buyer.
There may be updates from time to time, but they will be extremely infrequent from now on. Good luck!
April 4, 1999 Update
Talk about busy! To everyone who has sent me emails but not received a response, I apologize. It's been INCREDIBLY busy around here, and the sites that actually pay me for development have taken precedence over this one. (Not to mention my 9 to 5 job...) I will be making some minor changes here and there in the near future, including a complete and searchable list of my collection, which is nearly a year out of date.
This update is mainly a maintenance update. I changed the copyright statement at the bottom of each page, the background on the pages, and updated Richard Learn's email address..
September 12, 1998 Update
I'm all moved in and the games are stored nicely and neatly in a really large closet. Richard Learn is in the process of writing a book on our favorite game and needs your help in gathering information on older Monopoly® games and promotional literature. Please check out his page and help him if you can.
July 7, 1998 Update
Moving stinks. Relocating stinks. My new job is great, though! I should be settled by the end of the month, and will be able to get more updates to the site. In the meantime, I have put up a page with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Monopoly® to try to answer some of the questions I've been getting in email. I should have the value and dating guides up soon.
June 21, 1998 Update
Wow! It's been a while since I've made changes or updates here. I made a few small adjustments to the layout of the site. I just got a new job, however, and unfortunately will not have any time to re-do the site for about a month or so while I relocate. The site will remain where it is, and none of my URL's or email addresses will change.
April 13, 1998 Update
This site got another award! This one is the "Ham's Place Silver Star Award". I have also added an awards area to this page (in the left column) to highlight some of the awards this site has received.
April 9, 1998 Update
My site was just awarded the prestigious GAR Award for design excellence. I'm truly honored to have other Internet professionals recognize my work. It's also nice to see a site about the best game in the world get a little extra promotion.
April 4, 1998 Update
I finally got the pictures of Jay's collection edited and posted. There's even an item we call the "mystery box" which has Monopoly® on it, but we can't identify. Take a look, maybe you can help us!
April 2, 1998 Update
The updates to the collection item list are complete. So far, there are 360 items, but I'm sure I left a few out. Also, be warned, it's a huge HTML file. I will also be selling off parts of the collection (such as duplicate sets), so if there's anything you might be interested in, please email me.
March 30, 1998 Update
The site is growing a little bit, but my collection is exploding. I just got back from Atlantic City, New Jersey, and a buying spree which netted over 150 new items, including mouse pads, shirts, cookies, mouse pads, neck ties. It's going to take a few days to get it on the items list. I also got to visit with my buddy Jay and snapped pictures of his collection. I'll have them posted soon.
March 21, 1998 Update
Thanks for all of the positive feedback about the site's new look. I made a few minor modifications to some of the graphics on the site, and changed a few things around. I also updated the list of items in my collection to reflect the stuff I got this week.
March 18, 1998 Update
The site has a new look to it. I've tried to get all of the "major" areas switched for this update. This is a major update to the site, and I'm sure I've overlooked something. If there is a broken link or any problems, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it right away.
March 12, 1998 Update
WOW! Have I been busy lately. I guess that's the good news. I haven't gotten any new pictures up, BUT I do have a list of everything, and I mean everything, in my Monopoly® and games collection. It's just a text list, but it's comprehensive, and includes the item, date, manufacturer, and condition. A word of warning, though, the HTML is 95K, so it takes a while to download. The list can be seen here:
Lots of people also seem to have some confusion as to what a real game from 1935 looks like, and mistakenly date games of a later vintage as "real" 1935 games based solely on the copyright date. Games from 1935 are very similar to later games, but there are important differences. (There are also a few different variations.) I have posted some pictures of my only game actually printed in 1935, the Patent Pending game:
January 21, 1998 Update
I have acquired about 20 new games and Monopoly® related items since the last update on January 5. I should have more pictures posted within a week or so. In the meantime, there are a few new graphics around the site and some really simple navigation bars on the first set of collection pictures.
January 5, 1998 Update
I have added pictures of the complete collection in a separate directory. These pictures aren't "studio quality", but they do show the collection in its entirety, at least as of January 5, 1998. These shots are mainly for archival purposes. Please take a look. They're located at:

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