The World’s Angriest Delivery Man just dropped off five large boxes in our office. They’re tall, thin, and long and have lots of “do not use a dolly or fork lift” stickers. Not the easiest thing to deal with, but doable. Or so I thought.

While trying to get them in the door, he got frustrated with said door and loudly named the copulatory act using the term when thrice uttered makes a movie R-rat

ed. He then followed this up by naming one of the Trinity of deities from a major monotheistic religion, using His full given name. This was all followed by “door”.Ah! So the door caused this outburst. Oddly, he didn’t ask for assistance.

And as a delivery man, I would think one would have to make peace with doors, or at least ascertain the proper and optimal function of doors and learn to live within their confines.

Sir, the door will not change. You will have to. And I don’t think invoking the name of God or the vernacular for the act of human procreation in a quiet office full of people who are trying to work (and would gladly assist is asked) will help to guide you in this journey.


  1. Chris on November 19, 2012 at 10:46 am

    It’s worth noting that the delivery person in question was not with FedEx, but with a courier service whose name I didn’t catch. Our regular FedEx and UPS guys are actually quite awesome and wonderful and would never f-bomb the office like that.

  2. alexkingorg on November 19, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Really sorry I missed this one – sounds like it was great theater!

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