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What is that thing?

We just returned from a delightful dinner at my aunt’s house and there is a huge, ugly truck with a “topper” in the parking lot. The topper looks like this: The truck it’s on is a huge Toyota thing that was ugly enough. The topper just makes it uglier. Given the shape of it, I…

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Butter’s Better

I have always been a little leery of the Hindu practice of keeping cows sacred until today. I realized that salted butter is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. I totally get it now. Well played, Hindus. Well played. (Although in complete honesty, I still think the factory is tasty and will continue to eat beef,…

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Today’s Menu

Sunday is my day to cook food for the week. I was feeling lazy so instead of cooking some meat, I grabbed a couple of rotisserie chickens from the store. I’ll be supplementing the chickens with some home-made lentils soup and ginger mashed sweet potatoes. The lentils have a base of fried mushrooms and mirepoix,…

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