What day is today?

Interesting conversation on the train to work this morning. Being that it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and most of the folks on the train have a 3-day work week, we were all trying to decide which day it was mentally. There are a lot of choices and permutations, actually, and picking the right “day attitude” is paramount to having a good one. After all, going into a Friday with a Monday attitude just messes up the whole balance.

You can be a literalist, and just take the days as they’re named, but that’s no fun and was struck down quickly.

We all agreed that skipping Monday entirely and treating it as either Tuesday or Wednesday was good. Most folks are not fond of Mondays.

We also quickly determined that Wednesday, being the last day of the work week, is clearly to be treated as a Friday. That just left Tuesday open as either Wednesday or Thursday. We decided that Monday should be upgraded to “Hump Day” and became Wednesday, making today (Tuesday) Thursday.

Unlike Arthur Dent, I get the hang of Thursdays. They’re usually productive and a little fun with the anticipate of Friday right around the corner.

So Happy Tuesday-Thursday, everyone! And look at this: tomorrow is Friday.

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