Who has FedEx hired?

It’s the holidays. There are a lot of packages being sent around. This requires a lot of people to deliver them. I’m beginning to wonder if FedEx has dried up the pool of potential delivery drivers and is now hiring unorthodox delivery persons, such as ninjas.

We were expecting a delivery from FedEx last Friday. And ninja-like, we saw neither delivery person nor package. There wasn’t even a little sticky note telling us the delivery had been attempted.

Magically on Friday night, the delivery date changed from Friday to Saturday. Poof! Just like that and our package was due another day later. Maybe they’re hired magicians as well.

What really got me wondering if ninjas are now the employ of FedEx was what happened Saturday: I heard the patio gate closing (but not opening) as the ninja/driver was on his way out.

I didn’t see anyone. I didn’t hear the door being knocked.

I opened the door anyway — more out of curiosity than anything — and saw a package waiting, along with a sticky note on the door alerting me to the presence of the package three feet below. This was a true stealth delivery.

Overall it was impressive work. So apparently FedEx has ninjas. I wonder if they changed the uniform?

I also hear that UPS might be using teleporters this year.

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