Dear Santa…

Dear Santa (and everyone else who sent presents),

Thanks for remembering me this year. I’m always amazed at how similar your writing is to my mother’s. I guess you both studied the Palmer Method. I’m also amazed at the fleet of brown trucks and friendly elves with matching uniforms who have been helping out the past few years. So friendly and efficient. I’m sure it’s great to have a lot of the burden of delivering all those gifts around the world in one night lifted.

All of the socks I got were great. They were the exact colors I wanted and the thickness I need for these cold Colorado winters. I wore a pair today, in fact, along with the lovely dark blue sweater I got form Mom. I know some of the gifts came from my Mom and Step-Dad and Dad and that’s OK. They’re all a good influence that way with gifts. I also got a funny Ba-Co-N t-shirt, a gift card so we can buy a new garage fridge, and a gift card so Sheri and I can have a nice dinner.

One of my favorite gifts is the robot tea infuser!


I made tea last night and it was extra tasty. I could even taste the technology. The robot likes to share, too and makes sure some of the tea leaves spill out. I’m pretty sure that was my fault, though. I put a lot of leaves in him. Next time I’ll sue fewer leaves.

Thanks again Santa (and all his helpers) for a great Christmas. Even though I got lots of nice stuff that I needed, it was even better knowing that I’m loved.



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