Angry Birds Guilt-Inducing Pig Mailman

I play Angry Birds. I have the following versions: HD, Star Wars, RIO, Seasons, and Space. It’s a fun game full of amusing details.

One of those amusing details is the mailman pig that’s seen between levels. He wants to deliver ads for other Angry Birds (and Rovio) products to players. That’s his sole purpose. You can tell by the mailbag and hat. He wants to do this and isn’t afraid of being attacked by birds.

He’s also sneaky and knows how to guilt people with his cuteness and tears. He has two states: not delivering ads (and sad) or delivering ads (and happy).  See:


I feel guilty trying to save a little bandwidth by not seeing his ads. He looks so forlorn if I won’t let him deliver the mail. All I have to do is click on him to see the ads and his entire day is made (along with a nice change in weather).

This is brilliant UI design. Nice work, Rovio, using guilt in a way that makes me happy to see your ads while making a verdant digital pig’s day. It doesn’t get much cleverer than that.


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