It’s what?

I saw a package of hard candy the other day that seemed a bit silly. It stated, “Fat Free”. Well yes, a solid pill of sugar with a little bit of flavoring and color would be fat free. But that doesn’t make it healthy or even remotely nutritious. I realize all hard candy is not fat free since good things like butter can be hidden in it, but this was mints.

Why is there a need to label basically unhealthy products with inherent traits that neither add healthiness to the product nor remove any of the unhealthy parts of it? It’s time for companies to just be honest about their products. I’m not talking about full disclosure. We don’t need to label hard candy “now with more diabetes”. But it’s disingenuous to put “fat free” on it, so please stop. It never had fat to begin with, and that lack of fat isn’t going to turn those sucrose pellets into vitamins.

I don’t want to see “low carb” cigarettes in stores. I likewise think celery or cucumbers labeled “fat free” would be stupid. Just be up front about what’s in the package and we’ll all be happy. Of course, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for these changes since marketing, no matter how specious the facts behind it, will prevail.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll go enjoy a “sugar free” steak.


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