Golden what?

There was apparently an awards show last night called “The Golden Globes”. The 13-year-old in me immediately thought it might be awards for boobs of some sort, but I don’t think that would fly on network TV. I really don’t know what it’s for, who gets them, etc. And I don’t care.

I don’t watch awards shows and unless I’m up for some award, doubt that I ever will. And even if I’m up for an award, I won’t be watching since I’ll be in the audience hoping I won. Maybe. Depends on the award. I might stay at home.

There are Tony’s and Grammies and Emmies (OH MY!) and Oscars and SAG and at least twenty others. I know the Oscars are for movies and that’s about it. I might have watched it once in the 1980’s and remember it being an excruciating ego fest of people I had mostly never heard of.

There always seems to be an ad about some awards show for something I don’t care about, or some group or other societal designation that I don’t support, or some kids thing and a bunch of other crap that I can’t remember because it doesn’t matter to anyone but those involved. How does some singer I don’t listen to, or some actor from a movie I didn’t see, or some other thing that affects my life in no way at all getting a statue matter to me? It doesn’t.

Yeah, I’m a grumpy old guy.

But I’m getting sick of the cult of celebrity where irrelevant stuff and the minor accomplishment of just doing your job is celebrated and the reality is manufactured. It’s a waste of my time to even bother to look at it. The glamor isn’t there. It’s a bunch of people who barely look human wearing clothes that cost more than my car acting like any of it matters. Newsflash: it doesn’t.

If they’re human, they’re all thinking the same thing: I’d better win, and they’re better hurry up and give me my stuff. That’s it. The rest of the night is all “blah blah blah” like the adults in Peanuts cartoons. And since I’m not involved and I don’t care, I don’t even get that part where I care about one segment. I get only the “blah blah blah”. I want to watch this parade of fake emotion and artificial gratitude for 3 hours or more? No, I don’t.

Ok, I know some of this matters in some ways to those involved. It could mean a better career or more money or something else. But not for me. And I don’t watch other things where the same stuff is involved, unless it’s for me.

Yeah, this rant really is about me. I think it’s a good one, too. I’m not afraid to admit that. I have an ego. I try to keep it in check most of the time, but it escapes now and then and I write completely self-centered stuff like this now and then.

Maybe I deserve an award!



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