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Warning: Politics ahead – Specious Speeches

Posted today on Facebook by Kathleen Trelease Blackwood, one of my teachers from high school: Today’s Inaugural speech was impressive and I would love to meet the speechwriter. But, it isn’t Obama. I’ve listened closely to most of what he has had to say, in debates five years ago, in campaign speeches, in press conferences,…

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Taxes Suck

We all know that paying taxes sucks. Preparing to pay them, or even getting a refund sucks more because it’s more work. The brilliance of the payroll deduction system is that we never actually see that money, so we don’t really miss it. It’s subtle. Preparing all the paperwork is a royal pain. I’m working…

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Moving to Vegas: Waiting for Lunch

Previous Installment: Moving to Vegas: More Driving On the road and hungry, Dad and I, adhering to the “local flavor if possible” rule of the road, had stopped at the only place for miles around. It was surprisingly bright and clean, but the owner serving us was a bit relaxed in her approach to service.…

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