Cobwebs begone!

I have a lot to do this weekend, but I’ve got a plan. My time is organized and I even have a good amount of relaxation scheduled.

Just the same, I was a little fuzzy this morning. Cobwebs were present. Not from the night before. The just were, you know?

Anyway, I went and got my car its weekly bath and grabbed some coffee. But that wasn’t quite enough to clear the cobwebs away.

After the car wash, grocery shopping was next on the agenda. I usually take surface streets, since the car wash and the grocery store are close by. I had an idea, though. I like acceleration. I like blasting onto the highway. I have a car with 355 horsepower. So I went a little out of my way and kicked in both turbos getting on I-25.

Ahhh… Just what I needed. That felt good and the cobwebs are gone from my head and my exhaust system.

Grocery shopping went well and now I’m home ready to tackle all that life throws at me. And if I need a little break, I know my right foot can help.

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