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Ikea, I saw, I conquered

When we first moved to Denver, we were in need of some bedroom furniture. A quick trip to Ikea, and we had a few inexpensive but decent dressers. I spent the better part of a Sunday assembling them. It was arduous, but necessary work to assemble them, lest I succumb to the unmanly and expensive…

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I understand there’s some big game today that will take place outside the arbitrary geographical designation of both teams involved. I’m impressed with the amount of coverage one hour of play will get. Every minute will get amplified into hours of analysis. How … um … fun. Well, if you’re rooting for one of the…

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Plot hole

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Yesterday, the AMC channel was playing “Groundhog Day” all day. I watched it about 1 1/2 times because it’s a good movie. About half-way through the second viewing I started wondering why  if Phil was sick of re-living the same day over and over, why was going to be each night? What…

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