Why I have Quotes on my Blog

I have daily quotes from other people on my site. The secret is that they’re scheduled ahead of time. Every couple of weeks, I spend a little time searching out interesting, funny, poignant quotes to put here. I schedule them in WordPress to appear every morning at 5:00am.

This isn’t laziness on my part, or “canning” content. They serve another, more personal purpose.

I put them here to keep me motivated to write my blog. They’re not motivational quotes in the sense that the quotes themselves motivate, although than can motivate, inspire, etc. The motivation actually comes from the fact that if I see two quotes in a row on my home page, I didn’t write that day.

I promised myself I’m going to do more writing, and this is one way of keeping that promise. It doesn’t matter how much I write or what I write about. I even allow myself to post a picture instead. (They’re worth a thousand words, anyway, aren’t they?)

The important thing is that I sit down, have some thoughts, and express them here. Having the quotes appear magically on my site at 5:00am every day is a metronome that keeps me thinking and writing. I think they look a lot better than “placeholder” and I have a lot of fun finding them to post.

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