Bumped but breathing…

It’s been almost 48 hours since I got hit by the car.

I had acupuncture yesterday that helped reduce the pain of walking, but I still hobble badly, even with a makeshift cane. It’s made out of an old unipod I had lying around doing nothing. I probably look a bit weird walking around using photography equipment to support myself, but it works for the time being.

I can’t walk unaided yet, but there is less pain every day in my knee. Oddly, there is more in my shoulders, but I suspect that’s because they’re getting a workout by carrying some of the load. Advil helps dull that. I was offered stronger stuff, but it only makes me loopy and doesn’t help the pain. I figure I’m out of it enough. The other odd thing is the amount of sleep I’m needing. I’m taking a 1.5-hour nap in the morning and another 2-hour  nap in the afternoon. I can also almost sleep the night through, so I guess all the sleep is promoting healing.

Anyway, that’s where I am. Every day a bit better. How are y’all doin’?


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