Ticketmaster Sucks. Here’s why…

I’m glad I don’t got to a lot of live events because at some point, I would like have to deal with the jackals at Ticketmaster. I’ve probably done business with them in the past, and I regret that.

I just read this article at consumerist.com entitled “Ticketmaster Settles $23M Lawsuit Over Rewards Program That Didn’t Give Out Any Rewards“. Here’s a small quote:

Those customers claimed that after buying a ticket online, they’d sign up for the rewards program, some on purpose and others claiming they had no idea they’d done so. Only thing is, that program cost $9 a month, and was simply charged to the same credit cards customers used to buy their tickets.

The plaintiffs claimed there weren’t any benefits to doing so, either.

Ticketmaster rips people off to begin with with fee after fee after fee when they buy tickets. They’ll probably charge me a $9 “reference fee” for writing this article.

I do know this much: if there is an event that I want to go to and the only way I can purchase tickets is through Ticketmaster, I won’t be going. I would encourage you to adopt the same approach. That would be a much better reward.



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