That was quick

I try to avoid being a technology geek, but I can’t. I have a solid state hard drive (super mega fast for the non-techno-geeks) in my home desktop machine. Windows 7 boots in about 15 seconds flat. It was amazing the first time I saw it and it’s still amazing.

My work laptop is just a bit over a year old. It works great and was well-spec’d when ordered. You might consider it top of the line, even. But it had a mechanical hard drive. I changed that today. Boot time on the mechanical drive is around 3 minutes. Boot time on a fresh install of Linux is a few seconds. My awesome machine is now turbo awesome, to use a technical term. Little stuff like database access, opening files, etc. is all going to be a LOT faster now, which makes me even more productive.

Gotta love that.

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