Holiday Spirits

I’m not a humbug, but I don’t effuse Ho Ho Ho’s either. I worked on the annual batch of Christmas / Holiday cards tonight. Rather than regarding it as a chore, I dove right in, “Seasonal Music” playing in the background and happy holiday thoughts bouncing around my head.

About half way through, I poured a bit of homemade peach brandy a friend gave me and added a generous splash of Crown Royal Black. It’s a great combination: a little sweet, a little smoky, and a lot potent.

Warmed by the spirits of Christmas, I continued writing out cards, affixing address labels for both return address and recipients. After everything was assembled, I started to seal the envelopes and attach stamps.

Remember when we licked stamps? I do and I don’t really miss it. I enjoyed just sticking them on. I had a bit of wistful nostalgia, though.

Things have changed. Some good. Some not so good. But all interesting. We don’t lick stamps. We send emails. I read from a tablet, not books. My car has seat warmers. I don’t have a home phone. My only phone is really a computer. Beer is better and stronger. My beard is thick, but graying. Music the kids listen too still stinks. I’m enjoying the holidays a bit more than I have in a while.

So many things have stayed the same, and they’re the most important ones. Family is still family. Friends are still friends. And it’s easy to miss them this time of year. This is a shot out to anyone I know and love.

Hey there!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Be good to each other.

May all of the blessings and joy of the seasons fall upon you with abundance. May the new year be fruitful and happy.


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