New (for us) Holiday traditions

Sheri and I started a new (for us) tradition today. We went to Volcano Asian Cuisine our favorite Asian restaurant for dinner. I had known about the “Jewish” tradition of Chinese dining (and a movie or two) for years, but it was new to Sheri.

We had a lovely “traditional” gathering at my aunt’s house for brunch earlier in the day. We then came home, milled around a bit, and decided a dinner of sushi, cumin lamb, and crispy duck was in order.


So that’s what we had, and it was delicious. The restaurant was very crowded, too, which I’m happy to see since it’s a family business and the family who runs it is great people. And yes, when I ordered duck I was kind of hoping it woudl have a head attached because of the scene above, but it didn’t. That was my only disappointment today and it was a minor one at that.


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