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How not to get hired by an Indian Buffet

I guess it’s “People behaving oddly in public” week on my blog. Here’s another story that took place a few months ago. I have a weekly meeting I attend, and in order to grab a bite before the meeting, I go to an Indian Restaurant near the meeting location. Sheri usually joins me and we…

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A Walmart service that I didn’t know existed

We were recently in Walmart doing some shopping. As we entered the produce area, we saw a lady approach one of the employees and ask, “Do you have a knife, I only need a piece of this cabbage.” The employee laughed, thinking she was joking. I thought it was pretty funny, too. Only the customer…

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Homemade this time

I so enjoyed the Manhattan I had at Mercury Cafe a few weeks ago, I got the necessary vermouth and bitters last weekend. Tonight I mixed them all up and made one at the house. That’s what you see above. Damn, it’s tasty, although I did forget the cherries. Next time…

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