A Walmart service that I didn’t know existed

We were recently in Walmart doing some shopping. As we entered the produce area, we saw a lady approach one of the employees and ask, “Do you have a knife, I only need a piece of this cabbage.”

The employee laughed, thinking she was joking. I thought it was pretty funny, too. Only the customer wasn’t joking.

So the employee did something I had no idea was part of the Walmart experience: he disappeared for a minute and came back with a knife. He then cut her a piece of cabbage, which she promptly bagged.

I will give the customer credit. She was polite and never sounded entitled to a small piece of cabbage. She didn’t whine or act disrespectfully. She did have a really odd request, which was granted. She thanked the employee and went on with her shopping.

She wasn’t dressed shabbily, nor was she dressed particularly nicely. I was somewhat baffled, though. Cabbage is cheap. A whole cabbage is usually a couple of bucks, max. She had about 20 cents worth; a sliver, really. I understand not wanting an entire cabbage, but the piece she had wasn’t even enough for a side of cabbage. I remain curious what kind of dish needs a modicum of cabbage.

The employee, to his credit, stayed professional and didn’t even seem put out, aside from his initial laughter when he thought the lady was kidding.

And I still am in awe that Walmart, a multi-billion dollar corporation, will sell somebody a small piece of cabbage. I guess they should, though. It looks like everyone involved was a winner.


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