Ommm … my goodness!

I was doing really well at the mindfulness and meditation class tonight. It was our second try at calming the mind. My mind was clear. My third eye was pointed inward.

I heard a noise from the vicinity of the lady in the chair next to mine that could have been furniture moving or gastric indication that she had become very relaxed. I presumed the former, but the third deep breath in confirmed it was the latter.

That utterly broke any concentration I had. When it comes to farts, I have the emotional maturity of a five-year-old. I was trying not to burst into laughter, and managed to keep quiet. No snerks, but I know my face was contorting between smiles and a painful look of someone trying to suppress laughter. I hope nobody was looking.

I spent the next few minutes being present in something other than a quiet mind. At least it only happened once and I was spared any scrutiny when our olfactory benefactor immediately got up to use the rest room after the meditation was over.


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