Well that was fast

I have a really nice older D-link WiFi router that has served well for years. When we moved last December, I got a speed bump in our internet service from 20MB/s to 125MB/s, quite a jump. I even bought a brand new cable modem that had more channels to bond (which just means lots more speed). I tested it with a computer connected directly to the cable modem, and we were getting the speed we paid for.

Unfortunately, the old router wasn’t up to the task. It still lived in the past and gave a solid 20MB/s. No matter what I did, which settings I changed, how I hooked things up: 20MB/s.

So over the weekend I purchased a newer ASUS dual band router and got it installed. We now enjoy 40MB/s to 80MB/s with 60MB/s being the average on speedtest.net. Quite a jump. I’m glad we’re finally getting what we’re paying for now. So if you have an older router and you aren’t getting the speeds you expect, make sure your router can handle it. And make sure your modem can, too.

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