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Something I agree with

Although getting rid of 16:9 laptops entirely is a bit much, I would really like to see 4:3 laptops available again. Let the marketplace decide! For TV’s, 16:9 is great. For computing devices (especially laptops and tablets) I loathe it.

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Facebook is curious…

… so there’s the answer. When I log onto Facebook, it wants to know various things. Today’s question is “How are you feeling, Chris?” Well today I feel older. Not much. Only a year. But age has definitely crept up on me. I enjoyed being 42. It’s a famous number, especially to Douglas Adams fans.…

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Birthday party: 12/29/2012

For my birthday, we are going to Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks and you are invited to join us. Anyone who wants to come is welcome, but please RSVP by 12/10/2012 and let us know how many are coming in your party so that we can make the appropriate reservation. Time & Date 5:30 PM,…

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