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Variations on Monopoly® Rules

Once you've played Monopoly® a couple of hundred times, it's fun to invent additions to the standard rules, as well as take away old rules. Here is a collection of variations I have found around the Internet.

Monopoly® Rules Explanations
This page clarifies some of the regular Monopoly® rules, according to tournament play. Very informative.
Commonly Missed Monopoly® Rules
You know the arguments that happen when there's a disagreement on the rules. This page should help clear up the confusion, as well as point out some stuff you might have missed.
Thoughts on Monopoly®
There are more than a few nuggets of information as well as some house rules and strategy on this page. There's even a handy table listing the costs of buying and selling houses.
Powers Monopoly® (link broken)
This amazing adaptation of Monopoly® and "Cosmic Encounter" adds special powers to each player, enhancing that they can do within the game. They put a lot of work into this one.
Strip Monopoly®
It has to happen sooner or later, someone put a slightly naughty twist on things by combining strip poker and Monopoly®!

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