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Chrome needs polishing

I have been making my living doing “Internetty” things for at least the past decade. Browsers are an integral part of the internet experience, and a critical tool for any web developer. I suspect most folks simply use the default browser on their operating system (Safari on Macs, Internet Explorer on Windows) and don’t give…

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Holy [%s] that’s funny.

I encountered this error when visiting JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank’s  site today: 500: Server Error [%s] You know a web site is broken when it encounters an error trying to deliver an error message. It doesn’t give me much confidence that I trust these folks with my  money.

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Internet on the train…

Why is the internet connectionon the teain so spotty? I want to play Words With Friends, but things are way too slow. Some nights it’s super fast, but today the turtles are in charge and I am writing this instead. Of course it won’t post from the train and will be queued for later posting.…

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