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Eleven score and seventeen years ago, a bunch of brave and rebellious men declared independence from an oppressive and tyrannical king. The king started a war against the rebelling colony, which due to a lot of good luck, tenacity and strong will, won its independence. This fledgling nation had a lot of help from other…

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I won’t drink to that.

I’ve been hearing about New York City’s incredibly stupid ban on large drinks and other “unhealthy” foods. I’ll start by saying I don’t drink soda (I used to drink a lot of soda, but that’s kind of beside the point), and I haven’t been to the Big Apple in a few years. I don’t have…

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Our government has been stolen from the people

I don’t (yet) have an answer for this one, but I wonder how we, as a nation, have allowed ourselves to get such crappy leadership. Congress, you suck! The executive branch is on a power grab, and it’s not just the current regime. It’s been happening for years. Our government “of the people” is no…

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