Our government has been stolen from the people

I don’t (yet) have an answer for this one, but I wonder how we, as a nation, have allowed ourselves to get such crappy leadership. Congress, you suck! The executive branch is on a power grab, and it’s not just the current regime. It’s been happening for years. Our government “of the people” is no longer. We are now vassals of a vast, far reaching, overpowering federal bureaucracy.

As a society, it’s a nice luxury to be able to provide everything to every body and protect everyone form everything. But it’s also impossible economically and socially. I don’t care how much anyone says otherwise, providing entitlement programs and “free” stuff to citizens paid for by The State is, by its very definition, Socialism. Not all Socialism is necessarily bad, but most is. We should stop our trend toward becoming more Socialistic and moving back toward personal accountability.

It’s bad for many reasons. It’s expensive and inefficient. It steals ambition and dreams. It concentrates undeserved power into the hands of an elite ruling class, which is NOT what America is about. Sure, a move away from Socialism comes with some pain. Everyone needs to pitch in a bit more and I’m not talking taxes. I’m talking about getting out and contributing to society ins some way. Not working? Get a job. Got a lot of money, donate some to charity. No job? No money? Donate your time! Do something instead of taking something.

Basically, if you’re not pitching in, it’s time to start.

Before I start a 50,000 word screed, I’m going to stop here and just leave this as is (don’t worry, I’ve will have more later). I’ll close with this: If the founding fathers of America were alive today, they would stage another revolution.



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