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Doggedly determined in Boulder

A few weeks ago we were in Boulder acting like tourists. On the way there, we saw this dog driving a Toyota RAV4. I sometimes like to lean my arm out the window, but hey there, pooch! Be careful getting that much torso out the window and trying to drive, too.

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Beers to ya!

I like beer. In fact, it’s my preferred adult beverage of choice these days. Sure, I enjoy all sorts of hard liquor and the occasional glass of wine, but beer is my go-to beverage. I’m also picky about my beer. Life is far too short to drink the crappy beer. Sure, I’ll have a Corona…

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Tube Stakes

Sheri and I moved to Colorado eight months ago and have done a handful of fun “Colorado” things, but we had not participated in any winter activities until today. We went to the Keystone Ski Resort to do some tubing. I haven’t been tubing on snow in, well, forever. A good friend had suggested doing…

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