Life really is grand, but you’ve gotta look for it.

We have lived in Colorado for over a year now. Holy cow I like this place.

Tonight Sheri and I went for a walk and saw a couple of cute bunnies. About six doors down a neighbor was out enjoying the evening as well. We stopped to say hello and ended up chatting for over an hour. Nothing important. Just people chatting and getting to know each other. And we walked back home. It was the longest short walk I’ve ever been on.

It was (and is) absolutely gorgeous out. The sun set about 20 minutes ago and as it set it put on a great show of colors. The temperature is in the upper 70s and it’s breezy but not too much. The air is fresh and comforting.

After we got home from our walk, I poured myself a couple of fingers of Breckenridge Bourbon. It’s smoother than Stranahans (which tends toward being a little “hot”) and is great to sip neat with a splash. I decided that as it would be a sin to waste such a beautiful evening and that I am going to sit on my patio, do some reading on the iPad, and sip some amazing Colorado Bourbon.

So I did.

For about 45 minutes, I was in my own perfect world. Ladies and gentlemen, this is simple, elegant bliss. No worries. Nothing complicated. You may disagree and that’s fine. Find your own. But if you’re looking, this is a good place to start.

I had good a good drink, a wonderful place to drink it, and something good to read. When I die, I hope this is what the afterlife is all about. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. I’m sure this experience can be had in places other than Colorado, but I’m glad I was here tonight and was able to have it. My wish for you is that you can achieve the same happiness so simply in your life and that it’s easy for you to find.



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