Aww Jeez…

I saw a guy in Whole Foods last night sitting at one of the tables where people eat the prepared foods they offer. He looked exactly like actor Harve Presnell, who played Wade Gustafson in Fargo. Not a passing resemblance, but full on “Oh my God it’s a movie star”.

And he looked like he was grading papers with a pen and taking notes. Awsome! Wade Gustafson grading papers and taking notes. I’ll bet when he’s done, he’ll hop into an Oldsmobile.

As I was soaking in a possible star-sighting, his phone rang. I was secretly hoping the ringtone would be him saying “Aww Jeez” or something similarly Fargo-ish instead of boopy computer tones it actually made. With the ringtone of disappointment still in my ears, I sat down and decided to look up to see if Harve Presnell lives in Denver. I didn’t want to bother him or get an autograph. I was simply curious.

Mr. Presnell does not live in Denver.

I’m sorry to report that he passed away in 2009. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t him at Whole Foods, unless he’s pulling an Elvis and hiding out in Denver instead of his native California.

Rest in peace, Mr. Presnell. Know that someone in Denver looks just like you and he’s been seen at Whole Foods. As for my reaction to not seeing you last night, what else could it be but: “Aww Jeez…”?


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