A few surprising facts about bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

I love bacon. I love good hot dogs. I’ve had bacon ON hot dogs before, but never actually wrapped the tube steaks in bacon. That changed today. I learned a few things, though:

  • This takes work. Wrapping 8 hot dogs took over 1/2 hour. The slippery factory didn’t help.
  • This takes more bacon than I thought. 8 hot dogs required 20 ounces of thick-sliced bacon.
  • This takes toothpicks. 3 per dog.
  • This takes a bigger pan than you’d think. Gotta leave room between the dogs and the bacon fattens them up, no pun intended.


I used my own recipe. I’ll share it here:

  • Bacon (thick-sliced)
  • Hot dogs

Wrap the hot dogs in bacon. Use toothpicks to keep the bacon in place. Cook until the bacon is thoroughly cooked and crispy. remove the toothpicks. Serve.

Grilling and bacon don’t mix. Pan frying is out since the bacon won’t cook evenly. This pretty much leaves baking them. Well, roasting, actually. Sounds more like something you’d want done to bacon and hot dog.

And here’s the finished product:


Can’t wait to dig in!


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