We got a Tesla … and it’s all electric

I’ll start by ruining the suspense: we didn’t get one of the expensive-but-awesome electric cars. We did get a lamp, though.

Last weekend, Sheri and I were out and about on a little adventure down in Colorado Springs. One of the places we stopped was the aptly-named Antique Gallery, Inc. Very friendly people.

As we were wandering around in the back of the store, Sheri peeked around a corner and stopped in her tracks. She told me that I had to see this. I came over to see and was blown away by a small little room full of so much cool.


Imagine a room full of these lamps and similar ones. I have always liked the industrial look of Steampunk and these lamps certainly hit that spot, even if they’re not entirely Steampunk.

Anyway, the lamps are called Tesla Lamps and they’re made close-by in Woodland Park, CO. Visit their site for links to lamps for sale:


My favorite detail is that the faucet handle is a dimmer switch, so I can control the flow of electricity like I would water. Knowing that electricity and water don’t mix makes is a feel a little dangerous and fun at the same time.

So it’s not as exciting as a car, but it cost roughly 0.1% of what a Tesla car would cost. And it uses less fuel.


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