The Little Guys

Baby animals are cute. So many “squeee” moments seeing kittens, bunnies and even bats. I forgot how cute baby plants can be, too. Sheri has three pots of seedlings on our patio right now. We have rosemary, peppers and flowers. This is one of the flower seedlings:


Actual size is about 1/4″ across the two leaves. I don’t have much experience with macro photography, but enjoyed sticking my point and shoot camera into the pots and capturing these cute little plants.

I honestly hadn’t paid much attention to the plants until I was assigned watering duty and noticed the little seedlings popping through the soil. I have no idea why, but I felt some odd parental pride, even though I had precisely zero involvement up until that point. Maybe I like the way the leaves remind me of outstretched arms proclaiming, “Here I am! Bring it on!”

And maybe that’s too much anthropomorphization.

Either way, we have baby plants on the patio and, well, “SQUEEE!”


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