You asked. I answered.

Sheri and I have a Wednesday tradition. We like to go to Whole Foods and have dinner at the hot bar. The food is OK, not great. The company is excellent when Sheri is there, and it’s a nice way to change things up a bit mid-week. We went tonight, grabbed our food and sat down to eat.

The gentleman at the next table turned around and asked, “Pardon me, but do you happen to know what time it is?”

I looked at my watch, saw what time it was, and dutifully replied, “Yes, I do now.”

I smiled and waited for a long second.

And then I said, “It’s 5:00 sharp.”

He laughed and thanked me for being so precise and answering the actual question he asked. He said he was about to correct his original question by asking what time it was when I answered.

I’m glad he got it since I’m not fond of getting punched.


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