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Soupy Sailing

The Mall Ride bus I take from the office to Union Station smelled like soup today. The whole interior reeked of soup! I don’t even know what kind of soup, either. It was just a generally soupy smell. I was standing by a door while riding. The smell dissipated when the door was open, but…

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Check out Capsule!

Capsule replaces the scratch document you have open when you’re coding. Instead of throwing away those notes, code snippets, API responses, ad-hoc todo lists, and outlines, Capsule creates an archive of your development artifacts. I’ve been using it in-house for a few months while it’s been in development, and it’s great.

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A day that really stinks

Yesterday on the train on my way to work, I was sitting there quietly chatting with my train buddy Andy, who was sitting across from me. We both had empty spaces next to us. A few stops in two young ladies get on and  they sat next to us. the Kim Kasdashian lookalike sat next…

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