Get “Moving to Vegas”

The book is officially available with the corrected cover graphic.

Now, before you click on it, I want you to know that all the content of the book is available on this blog for free. I took the “Moving to Vegas” series of posts and put it into eBook format. So if you’ve read those, you have read this book. It’s also very short by book standards: roughly 31 pages. I haven’t written a novel yet. This is more of a long short story, if that makes sense. You can easily read it in one sitting, I’m sure.

I am working on a couple of other (longer) books but they won’t be out for a little while. I plan to publish those through Amazon as well. This book is my first and kind of my beta test to see how well work within that environment. So far so good. It is really easy to get a book formatted and put into that ecosystem. And if some new people are exposed to my writing and like it, that’s even better.

Without further ado, here’s the link:

If you buy it, please give it an honest rating. If you hate it, that’s fine. Let the world know why you didn’t like it. Likewise if you like it, please do that same.


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