Moving to Vegas: Prologue

No, we’re not moving back to Las Vegas. Far far from it. Our Las Vegas Adventure is over. It ended in May 2012 when Sheri and I moved to Denver, CO.

I try to no longer judge things as “good” or “bad”, since everything is a learning experience. Without the sum total of what I have done and my life experiences, I wouldn’t be who I am today. That said, my preference is Denver over Las Vegas. Simply: it’s nicer in Denver.

That isn’t to say I suffered in Vegas. I had a lot of fun there, learned a quite a bit, made a little money, and met great people who have become friends.

One of my favorite parts of The Vegas Adventure was actually moving there. My father bravely volunteered to help me drive the moving truck, all of my wife’s and my worldly possessions, as well as my newly-purchased Crown Victoria in tow from Orlando, FL to Las Vegas. Sheri wisely chose to avoid this multi-day male bonding session and flew to Vegas with our cat Pepper to wait for Dad and me as we drove. Her Mom and Grandma who lived in Southern California met her in Vegas and keep her company.

I found my journal of the moving drive, which I posted more than seven years ago on another blog. I have edited it and added a bit from memory. I will be posting the entirety of the story over the next week or so, one installment a day.

Next Installment: Moving to Vegas: Packing


  1. alexkingorg on January 15, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Cool idea!

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