To Honor and Abbey

I watched the entire second season of “Downton Abbey” today. I watched the entire first season yesterday. I am looking forward to watching the third season  this coming week.

I’m not sure which job in the house I would want most, but probably chauffeur. I like cars. I wouldn’t mind being one of the landed gentry, but it looks like you generally inherit that job rather than applying for it.

Regardless, this was way too much TV. I can’t believe I got hooked on what is effectively a post-Edwardian soap opera. I’m not ashamed of that fact, just surprised. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable show, even in its overly melodramatic moments. I admit to giving a little squeal of delight when Mr. Bates and Anna got together, and also when Thomas got cheated by the black marketeers.

No spoilers, please. I have some shows to watch.


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