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It’s no secret I love food. I also love photography. Unfortunately, I eat more than I take pictures. I haven’t really touched my “good” camera since we moved to Colorado. That’s about to change. I got it out of its bag, set up the tripod, and am charging the batteries. Photos to follow.

While setting things up, I also checked the contents of the memory card in the camera (now there’s a sentence you wouldn’t have read twenty years ago) and found this:

Cauliflower Mongolian at The Curry Leaf Indian Restuarant in Camarillo CA on 12/24/2011

Cauliflower Mongolian at The Curry Leaf Indian Restaurant in Camarillo CA on 12/24/2011

This is a photo I took while having a Christmas Eve lunch with my wife and father-in-law. I was amazed at how this one photo brought me back to that exact time and place. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed this dish. Of course, the company was great, too.

The dish is Cauliflower Mongolian. The cauliflower is deep fried, crispy on the outside and perfectly tender inside. The sauce had onions, tomatoes, and a bunch of spices I still haven’t figured out. I pride myself on being able to taste a dish and make a reasonable facsimile of it, but this one eludes me to this day. I can get close one the flavor, but can’t get the combination of crispy and tender that The Curry Leaf does. And I’m fine with that. It’s a great excuse to go visit the in-laws again at some point.

In the meantime, I cook a lot of cauliflower on the weekends, use a lot of spices, make a lot of great food and have a lot of fun. I think it’s time I added “take a lot of pictures” to that list.


  1. Todd Curry on January 26, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Hello my friend i did not know you enjoy photography so much. I also feel your pain not taking pictures as much as i would like. I think it is awesome how you can see a picture you took and remember the time the place and even who was there and the place it was taken i know it brings back some great memories and some smiles and a great sence of personal gradification. My friend keep taken pictures and take many many many because we no longer use film pass them along to your friends so we may enjoy your talents and your experiances no matter how small. who knows maybe you might inspire some of us to pick up our dusty cameras out of the closet. take care my friend

  2. Chris on January 26, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Thanks, Todd! Refresh this page and check out the headers to see a bunch I’ve taken. I will be posting more in the future and might even start selling a few prints.

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